Indian inspired menu.

For the month of October we are going Indian!

One of our favourite cuisines is Indian due to the amazing amount of variations and adaptions. This month we have decided to do a classical Indian menu. We couldn’t pick just one geographic location to choose from, so we have chosen our favourites from all over the sub-continent. And of course all cooked and made with love and the Veginity twist. There is such a large variety of dishes that there’s surely something for everyone. So whether your taste buds like mild or wild, this is a menu not to be missed. So grab your Yaar, grab your aunties and grab some of the tastiest Vegan Indian food around.

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How to dine out on a plant-based diet - We can help you do it!

Now that Christmas and New Year Celebrations are over, it’s time to put that New Year’s resolution into practice – Change to a plant-based diet.

Whatever your reasons - to lose weight, to prevent, halt or reverse disease, to be kinder to animals and the environment,or to just live longer – to get maximum benefit it must be a lifestyle change not just a temporary diet. 

Lots of thoughts will be going through your mind....

“I don’t know where to start”

“It’s hard”

“I’m going to miss meat”

“I’ll never be able to eat out again!”

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Veginity once again finalist in The Food Awards Ireland.

After winning The Food Awards Ireland in the Best Street Food category in 2016 and 2018, we are pleased to announce that we have once again made it into the finals. 

This year we have made it into the finals in two categories, Best Street Food and Best Vegetarian Establishment.  To add to this, we are also thrilled that our other vegan venture Vish.Shop, was also nominated in the same two categories.


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