This week's world-inspired plant-based menu

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A l l D a y B r e a k f a s t 

Made from the freshest of ingredients, our breakfast menu is designed to be quick and convenient.  You can simply grab and go if need be.

Update: For the time being our breakfast and brunch menu is the same as Click and Collect menu.  

(Available 10am -4pm Thursday to Sunday)


Breakfast Composit

 Menu items coming soon





B r u n c h 

Our brunch menu provides healthy options for a lighter summer breakfast, made from fresh seasonal produce. 

We change the menu every couple of months.

Update: For the time being our breakfast and brunch menu is the same as Click and Collect menu.  

(Available 10am - 4pm Thursday to Sunday)

Brunch Composit 11

 Menu items coming soon





P a s t r i e s

Our pastries are expertly hand-made by our Veginity Head Chef, Mark Senn. 

Please see display to see what creations he has baked fresh today.

Snail Pastries


D i n n e r : Three couse set menu (35 per person) 

Desserts Composit

Our dinner menu incorporates elements that are world-cuisine inspired and celebrate the natural flavours of plant-based ingredients. All elements are passionately made on site from scratch.  This way we can ensure their quality and freshness.  Our creations are something that you've probably never tried before or would attempt to make at home.

We have a rolling menu that works with the seasons so you will see changes happening all the time but you still get the chance to come back for the same meal again:)

This week we have new Mexican cuisine inspired dishes on the menu. To make a reservation, please visit our reservation page.

(Available  for 6pm and 8pm pre-booked sittings Thursday to Sunday) 

S t a r t e r s 

Yellow Corn and Basil Tamales with Tomatilo, Pico De Gallo and Sour Cream (wheat free, soy) MEXICAN INSPIRED  

Wine pairing suggestion: Galerna Verdejo Dominio de Punctum SPAIN 100% Organic 



Blue Corn Soft Shell Taco with Chipotle Black Bean, charred Corn Salsa and Guacamole with Lime (wheat free) MEXICAN INSPIRED 

Wine pairing suggestion: Familia Pacheco Monastrell Syrah SPAIN 100% Organic



M a i n  C o u r s e s

Fajita with smoked BBQ Seitan Strips char grilled Peppers and Onions Jalapeno Mayo and flame charred Flat Bread (wheat, soy, mustard) MEXICAN INSPIRED

Wine pairing suggestion: The Stump Jump Red GSM, d’Arenberg AUSTRALIA



Blue Potato, Butternut Squash  and Serrano Chilli Quesadilla with Triple Cheese (Panela, Mozzarela, Queso) sweet Potato Fries and Sweet Corn and Tomato Salsa  (soy, wheat) MEXICAN INSPIRED

Wine pairing suggestion: Colheita Branco, PORTUGAL 100% Organic



D e s s e r t s 

Chocoflan with rich Chocolate Cake and Dulche de Leche Flan with Almond Biscuits (wheat, soy, almonds) MEXICAN INSPIRED

Drink suggestion: Double Espresso Nitro Coffee



Churros Ice Cream Sandwich with Horchata Ice Cream and 66% Mexican Chocolate Ganache (wheat, soy) MEXICAN INSPIRED 

Drink pairing suggestion: Iced Latte



N i t r o  G e n i u s  B a r

Our Nitro Coffee is Full Circle Coffee cold brewed and kegged with nitrogen on site, and our Veginity Kombucha is small batch brewed and kegged it right here in-store, minimising our impact on the environment by reducing bulk shipping and packaging.

Kombucha 10

Double Espresso Nitro Coffee, with notes of Dark Roast Beans, Chocolate and Bourbon


Vegnity Kombucha on Tap, your selection of:  Raspberry-Cranberry, Apple & Anis, Black Mint, Pinneaple



B u b b l e s

Kombucha MimosaSimply choose a flavour from our Veginity Kombucha on Tap and we'll fuse it with Proves Bianco Frizzante to create your own bespoke Kombucha Mimosa!


Proves Bianco Frizzante, glass (Sparking wine)


Sparkling / Still Water


 For a full wine list, please ask to see a separate wine menu.


Tea / C o f f e e

We use Full Circle Coffee that is ethically sources from small batched producers.  All double shots and made with Oatly Milk.

Espresso, Americano


Latte, Cappuccino


Flat White Coffee


Tea, various flavours


Hot Chocolate