Ethiopian menu is one of the most requested and popular menus that we have done to date. We have done it three times over the last 5 years! The first time was just one weekend in our little food truck in the warehouse in Portobello. We had people asking for months and years when it was going to happen again. But back then we flipped the menu weekly so there was the very real situation of FOMO! You missed that weekend you might not see it again for a long time. Well, that long time has come around again and only for the month of October you will get to sample some fine Ethiopian inspired cuisine. Hesitate and you’ll miss it!..  So gather up your groups and find your friends to come and share this amazing Ethiopian feast with us!
The menu will start this Wednesday (technically still in September) and will be for the whole month of October!

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Ethiopian inspired menu


S t a r t e r s 


Ayeb Herb Cheese with Linseed and Sesame Seed Chickpea Crackers and GarlicTahini (wheat free, soy, sesame)

Wine pairing suggestion: Sauvingnon Blanc, d’Arenberg AUSTRALIA



Berber Spice Soy Mince Sambosa with Awaze red Wine and Camomile Honey Sauce (wheat, celery, soy)

Wine pairing suggestion: Vinitrio Malbec IGP, Vinitrio FRANCE



M a i n  C o u r s e s


Confit Garlic and Onion Seitan with Fasolia (green Beans and Carrots) served with Rice (wheat, soy)

Wine pairing suggestion: Familia Pacheco Monastrell Syrah, Jumilla SPAIN



with red Lentil Misir Wat, Kale Gorman with Niter Kibbeh Oil, green Puy Lentil Azifa Salad, Tomato Timatim Salad, Cabbage and Potato Atkilt Wat and fresh Beet Salad (wheat free, celery) 

Wine pairing suggestion: Colheita Branco, Esporão PORTUGAL



D e s s e r t s 

Ethiopian Macchiato Affogato Coffee Ice Cream and Walnut and Chocolate Biscotti (wheat, soy)

Wine pairing suggestion: Familia Pacheco Monastrell Syrah, Jumilla SPAIN


Mandazi Coconut and Cardamom Donuts with Fenugreek Honey and Pistachio and Coconut Crème (wheat, soy, nuts)

Wine pairing suggestion:  Proves Bianco Frizzante, Cantina Breganze ITALY


The Ethiopina cuisine inspired meals can be ordered via Click and Collect or can be enjoyed by dining in.

We hope you enjoy.