We are honoring the Chinese New Year, and welcoming the Year of the Ox with our Chinese Inspired menu. 

Did you know that Ox are the hardworkers in the background, intelligent and reliable, but never demanding praise! A perfect description of my darling sister.  So this year is for you. And people born in the year of the rat (1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1972, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021) are said to be honest and earnest:)

On the menu will be plant-based Chinese inspired starters, mains.  All the dishes are lovingly made from scratch and from fresh ingredients rignt here at Veginity.  We hope you will enjoy a full Chinese influenced dining experience. 

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S Chinese 700px 

Corn Soup

Creamed Corn Soup with soft Tofu (wheat free, soy)    6

Soy Mince Lettuce Cups

Chinese 5 spice Soy Mince in Lettuce cups with Peanut Hoisin Sauce and Peanut Dust (wheat free, soy, celery, peanuts)     7

Steamed Bao

Shiitake and Ginger Bao with sweet and sour Cucumbers (soy, celery, wheat)     8



D Chinese 700px

Chinese Hot Pot (mild)

With mild Chilli, black Bean Chao Tofu, Ginger Pak Choi, pickled Shimeji Mushroom Broth, Rice Noodles (wheat free, soy, celery)  13

Aubergine and Lo Bak Go (Turnip Cake) (medium)

Szechuan Pepper baked Aubergine and Lo Bak Go with Szechuan Chili Orange (soy, wheat, sesame, celery)          


The Chinese cuisine inspired meals can be ordered via Click and Collect 

We hope you enjoy the cuisine.