As you may know Veginity has some amazing and hard working Brazilian staff. This month they have combined forces to deliver their very own Brazilian menu!

As Brazil is BIG, has many cultural influences and our staff are from all over Brazil, our menu this month is gonna excite your taste buds like never before!

We don’t just like Brazilians! WE LOVE THEM!!! So grab your amado, amigos and amigas and come and taste the real Brazil!

This amazing menu is available for the month of November.

 Brazilian 2 1500px

You can enjoy our Brazilian inspired plant based cuisine in one of two ways - by or ordering it via Click & Collect or Deliveroo. All the dishes are lovingly made from scratch and from fresh ingredients rignt here at Veginity.  


Starters and Sides

                                                                                                             Entre 700px

Black Bean Soup with mini Macaroni and curly Kale. Sopa de Feijao com Macarrao (wheat) 7

Jackfruit Coxinha with spicy Pepper Sauce. Coxinha de Jaca (wheat, sesame) 7

Polenta Fritters with Soy Bolognese. Polenta Frita ao molho Bolonhesa (wheat free) 7

Vegan Mozzarella and Spring Onion Rice Balls with Cheesy Chive Aioli. Bolinho de Arroz com Queijo (soy, wheat)  6

Black Eye Beans with long grain Rice, smoked Tofu ‘Bacon’ and Biquinho Chillis. Baio – de – Dois (wheat free, soy)  7

Fried Yuca with Garlic-Parsley Aioli. Mandioca Frita com Molho de Alho verde (wheat free, soy)  7

Steamed Rice (wheat free)  3

Triple cooked Chips (wheat free)  3.5




Kabocha Squash, Cassava and smoked Shiitake Mushrooms Ragout. Bobó de Shitake (wheat free)  8

Plantain Stew with rainbow Peppers, Coconut Milk, fresh Coriander. Moqueca de Banana da Terra (wheat free)  8

Chunky Soy Hot Pot with Carrots, Potatoes, green Peas, string Beans and fresh Herbs. Soja de Panela com Legumes (wheat free, soy)  8




  D Chocolate moose 700px

Tapioca Pudding with Guava Jam and Violife Cheese. Pudim de Tapioca com Calda de Goiabada (wheat free)  7

Passion fruit Mousse with Chocolate. Mousse de Maracuja com Chocolate (wheat free, soy)  6

Peanut Ice Cream. Sorvete de Paçoca (soy, peanuts) 6

The Brazilian inspired meals can be ordered via Click and Collect 

We hope you enjoy the cuisine.