For the month of October we are going Indian!

One of our favourite cuisines is Indian due to the amazing amount of variations and adaptions. This month we have decided to do a classical Indian menu. We couldn’t pick just one geographic location to choose from, so we have chosen our favourites from all over the sub-continent. And of course all cooked and made with love and the Veginity twist. There is such a large variety of dishes that there’s surely something for everyone. So whether your taste buds like mild or wild, this is a menu not to be missed. So grab your Yaar, grab your aunties and grab some of the tastiest Vegan Indian food around.

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You can enjoy our Indan inspired plant based cuisine in one of two ways - by or ordering it via Click & Collect or Deliveroo. All the dishes are lovingly made from scratch and from fresh ingredients rignt here at Veginity.  



Samosas. Two Samosas filled with Green Chilli, Potato and fresh Curry Leaf with Mango Chutney (soy, wheat, mustard) 7

Malai Kofta.Tofu Paneer and Cashew Balls in a mild creamy Sauce (soy, wheat, nuts) 7

Mullagatawny Soup. Peppery Soup with Tomato, Coriander (soy, wheat, mustard)  6

Onion Bhuji with Mint Raita. Deep fried Onion with a Chickpea Batter and fresh Mint Raita (soy, wheat) 6



Dhal Makani (mild). Mildly spiced Urad Dal and Kidney Beans with Ginger, mild Chili, topped with Coconut Cream (wheat free, soy)  7

Palak Paneer (mild). Mildly spiced homemade vegan Paneer with Spinach curry (wheat free, soy)  7

Butter ‘Chicken’ (mild). Aromatic warm and super creamy curry with Seitan Strips and Soy (wheat, soy, celery)  7

Tomato and Tamarind Vish Curry (medium). Hot and Sour Tomato Curry with crispy Vish Balls (soy, wheat, mustard)  7

Aubergine Rogan Josh (hot). Hot Rogan Josh Curry with Aubergines and Potatoes (wheat free, mustard) 7


Salads / Sides


Kala Chana. Fresh Chickpea Salad with Carrots, Tomato and Cucumbers (wheat free)  5

Bombay Potatoes. Mildly spiced fried Potatoes withTurmeric and fresh Coriander (mustard) 5

Raiita. Creamy cooling Condiment with Mint and Lemon (soy) 1.5

Mango Pickle (wheat free) 1.5

Poppadoms. Classic crispy snack (wheat free) 1.5

Jeera Rice. Steamed fragrant Rice with Cumin and Onions (wheat free) 3

Peshwari Naan. Grilled Flat Bread with Raisins, Coconut and Almond Filling (soy, wheat, nuts) 3




Rose and Pistachio Kulfi (ice cream)  (wheat free, soy, nuts)  6

Gulab Jamun. Sweet syrupy Semolina Balls served with Coconut Curd (soy, wheat)  6

Mango and Passion Fruit Lassi. Coconut Yogurt Lassie with Mango and Passion Fruit (wheat free, soy)  4


The Indian cuisine inspired meals can be ordered via Click and Collect 

We hope you enjoy the cuisine.