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Article Title:  "These Vegan Eats Can't Be Beat"

Publisher: Yelp.com

Published date: 21st September 2016

Author: The Yelp Team

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Photo by Elena S – Vegan triple chocolate cake at Veginity.

These Vegan Eats Can't Be Beat!

The Local Yelp - Dublin

This Local Yelp explores Dublin's fresh vegan scene. Forget about nut loaf and plain salads; we're talking serious taste explosions and cutting edge cooking. From yoga-based lunch, to a gourmet food truck, and vegan scallops, this is food for the veggie lover and meat lover alike.


Food Trucks, Vegan, Vegetarian
Richmond Place South, Rathmines, Co. Dublin

Emily C. wrote: “The food arrives, presented as if we're sitting in a Michelin star restaurant. Exquisitely beautiful and delicate in appearance and flavour in a way that you would never in a million years expect to be served out of a food truck.”

To watch a short video of Veginity co-produced by the team at Yelp.com see below...

Video Credit: Samuel Foxton

Sova Food Vegan Butcher

Vegan, Vegetarian
51 Pleasants Street, Dublin

Hugh N. wrote: “I've had the 'pulled porc' twice, which is delicious and quite a challenge to finish given the huge portion. The kebab is also delicious if you want a healthy take on a junk food classic. As ever, the burger is a messy, saucy treat.”


27 Camden Place, Dublin

Meredith P. wrote: “This little place is set inside of yoga studio so you can get some exercise in and then fuel up on fresh juices, vegan milkshakes, chia seed burgers, etc! Their falafel wrap is my go to lunch treat!”

Antoinette’s Bakery

Bakeries, Coffee & Tea Shops, Gluten Free
South Inner City, 6 Kevin Street Lower, Dublin

Joanna P. wrote: “I popped in here and sat down with an almond latte and a cinnamon donut delighted with myself... The donut was delicious, not tough like a lot of gluten free products can be. I overheard the woman at the counter say that a lot of the cakes were vegan too!”


Vegan, Vegetarian
South Inner City, 19/20 Wicklow Street, Dublin

Beatriz G. wrote: “Had the three types salads option and it tasted absolutely great, also the scones and some sort of oat-berry-coconut bar are lovely. Super recommend to vegan and non-vegan people — very healthy food.”