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Article Title:  "Veggie food lovers need to know about Dublin's latest food truck"

Publisher: The Daily Edge

Published date: 13th July 2016

Author: Valerie Loftus (twitter: @valerieloftus)

Veggie food lovers need to know about Dublin's latest food truck.

DUBLIN ISN’T SHORT on vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants, but veggies certainly don’t have the same amount of choice meat-eating counterparts.

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If you love your veg, you’ll be delighted by the latest addition to the city’s growing number of food trucks, which is devoted wholly to vegetarian and vegan food.

The cheekily-named Veginity has been stationed at Richmond Place South in Portobello since June - chef Mark Senn whips up treats like tacos and steamed buns, as well as yummy desserts.

Unsurprisingly, it all looks absolutely delectable:

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(Yep, those are chocolate-covered mini doughnuts in the middle there. Nom.)

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The truck is hitting Portobello this Friday and Saturday – like the Veginity Facebook page here to keep informed of the goings-on.





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