B r e a k f a s t 

(Available 10am - 3pm Thursday to Sunday)


Sourdough Toast with Vegan Coconut and Hazelnuttella (wheat, soy)


Sourdough Toast with homemade Rhubarb-Strawberry Jam and Lemon Curd (wheat, Soy)


Malted Golden Morning Muesli with roasted Oat and Buckwheat, Coconut Curd, Golden Raisins, Golden Linseed, Apricots, Soy Milk on the side (wheat, soy)


Cacao Crunch Muesli with Malted Cacao Oats, Goji berries, Coconut Curd, Soy Milk on the side (wheat, soy)


Tomato & Cheese Toasty with seeded Mustard and Violife Pizza Cheese 5 (wheat, soy, mustard)


Soup of the Day with daily fresh baked Bread (ask staff for details) 6 (wheat, soy)


Soup and Toasty Combo (wheat, soy, mustard)


Smashed Avocado and Lemon Olive Oil Feta With roasted Cherry Tomatoes on homemade Ciabatta Toast 10.50 (wheat, soy)



B r u n c h 

(Available 10am - 3pm Thursday to Sunday)

Courgette and Mint Fritters with Watermelon-Lime-Chili Jam and green Garden Salad  (wheat, soy)


OMB!! Oh My Buddah Bowl Smokey Tofu and roasted Peanut Satay, Ginger Broccoli, Noochi Black Kale, home-made spicy Kimchi, Turmeic Jasmin Rasin Rice and pickled Red Cabbage  12.50 (wheat, soy, nuts)


Bubble Bowl Salad Green Peas, Mograbiah, Cherry tomatoes, Green Mung bean, Quinoa, Mustard Seeds, Roasted Quinoa green Olives, Pomegranate  12.50 (wheat, soy, mustard)


Breakfast Veginity Burger Soy and Kidney Bean Patty with fresh Mesclun Salad, Vine Tomato, Mustard Aioli on a homemade Brioche Bun with triple cooked Chips  10.50 (wheat, soy, mustard)


Add-ons: +add Tofu ‘Bacon’  1   +add Cheese  1   +add Avocado  2.50



P a s t r i e s

Patries Selection

 All our pastries are expertly hand-made by our very own Italian Pastry Chef, Sara. 

Please see display to see what creations she has baked fresh today.


D i n n e r :  A l a C a r t e

(Available 5pm -10pm Thursday to Saturday  | 5pm - 9pm Sunday )



St a r t e r s 

Salt fermented Celeriac with grilled flat Peach, Green Tomatillo Salsa and pickled Samphire (WF, soy, celery) 

Wine pairing suggestion: Picpoul de Pinet


Smoked Aubergine Caviar, Black Figs, Wakame and green Olive Tapenade, fresh heirloom Tomato, Rye Bread and Garlic Oil Crisp  (wheat, soy) (WF optional)

Wine pairing suggestion: d’Arenberg The Stump Jump Red GSM


Gol Gap with Ginger Split Pea Foam, Tandoori fermented Cauliflower, Jasmine Rice Shard, Cucumber and Lime Pickle, Tamarind Pearls (Wheat, soy, nuts)

Wine pairing suggestion:  Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Doc (100% organic wine)


Starter Tasting Plate (sharing plate of all of the starters above)



M a i n  C o u r s e s

Veginity Big Kahuna Burger with BBQ Sauce, grilled Pineapple, green Apple Slaw, Mesclun and fresh Tomato on a homemade Brioche Bun with triple cooked Chips  (wheat, soy, mustard)

Wine pairing suggestion: Les Chaises Merlot VDP 


Grilled Aubergine with a sweet Apricot and Miso Glaze, Freekeh and heirloom Tomato Confit Garlic, Hummus Curd, preserved Chermoula Foam, Chickpea and black Sesame Crisp, Fenugreek micro Sprouts   (wheat, soy, sesame)

Wine pairing suggestion: Domaine Peiriere Chardonnay 


Rainbow Chard and Flaked Almond, Lemon Fetta Filo Parcel, with seared Brocoli, green Pea-Mint Mousse, Lacto fermented Blueberries and Temperanillo Shiraz Glaze  (wheat, soy)

Wine pairing suggestion: Costa Cruz Tempranillo Shiraz


D e s s e r t s 

Cinnamon Churro with Coconut Caramel,  70% dark Chocolate Ganache, White Rum and Coconut Ice Cream (wheat, soy) 

Drink suggestion: Brazilian Nitro Coffee


Eton Un-Mess  with crisp Meringue, poached Strawberries, Blueberries, Strawberry Coconut Curd and Rhubarb Ribbons (WF, soy) 

Wine pairing suggestion: Casa Roja Rosado


Gin and Tonic Drizzle Cake.  Lemon Curd, Orange Sponge, Gin soaked Apricots, Gin and Tonic Snow (wheat, soy)

Wine pairing suggestion: Proves Bianco Frizzante or Kombucha Mimosa


Dessert Tasting Plate (sharing plate of all of the desserts above)



W i n e  P a i r i n g  S p e c i a l  

Wine Pairing Menu (three course meal with three drinks of choice or as per pairing suggestions)



E a r l y  B i r d  S p e c i a l

Available for orders 5pm - 6:30pm

Early Bird 1 - Starter + Main or Main + Dessert


Early Bird 2 - Starter + Main + Dessert


Early Bird 3 - Starter + Main + Dessert + One Glass of house Wine