Takeaway Food Service

Dear customers 

With the WHO (World Health Organisation) announcing COVID-19 a pandemic, Veginity has decided to not provide our usual dine-in service but will a offer Takeaway Food Service following social distancing practices.

Our take away menu will be combination of dishes and items from Veginity, Vish Shop and some new dishes for you to try. 

There are three ways to order.

  1. Online Order - Click & Collect
  2. Phone Order - Order, Pay & Collect - Call +353 1 535 9067
  3. Order in store

Collection is from Veginity, 101 Dorset Street Upper, Dublin. 



Hopefully we will be able to be up and running again once again in the near future to offer our services that you have grown to love.

Kind regards

Mark and Ingrida

Join us in feeding the heroes  fighting Covid-19

We have signed up to Feed the Heroes to help our healthcare workers at the font line.

If you would also like to contribute to supplying meals to the doctors, nurses and non-medical staff you can do so through our Click and Collect Menu and we will ensure they get the meals. 

Simply add a donation to your order via our Click and Collect menu

We thank you for your support and hope everyone stays healthy!


This week's world-inspired plant-based menu

* All prices include VAT (Value Added Tax)

A l l D a y B r e a k f a s t 

Made from the freshest of ingredients, our breakfast menu is designed to be quick and convenient.  You can simply grab and go if need be.  

(Available all day 8am - 3pm Wednesday to Friday and 10am - 3pm Saturday to Sunday)


Breakfast Composit

Malted Golden Morning Muesli with roasted Oat and Buckwheat, Coconut Curd, Golden Raisins, Golden Linseed, Apricots, Soy Milk on the side (wheat, soy)

Cacao Crunch Muesli with Malted Cacao Oats, Goji Berries, caramelized Banana Coconut Curd, Soy Milk on the side (wheat, soy)   5

Toast and Jam on homemade Baguette (wheat, soy) Choose between homemade: Blackberry , Raspberry, Nashi and Ginger Marmalade, Rum and golden Raisin, Hazelnutella (nuts)


Soup of the Day with homemade Bread (wheat, soy)  (ask staff for details)


Soup and Toasty Combo (wheat, soy, mustard)


Cheese Toasty on homemade Baguette  with wholegrain mustard, fresh tomato and cheese (wheat, soy, mustard) 


Filled savoury Croissant with Cheese, Tomato, crumbled smokey Feta and Mesclun Greens (wheat, soy) 





B r u n c h 

Our brunch menu provides healthy options for a lighter summer breakfast, made from fresh seasonal produce. 

We change the menu every couple of months.

(Available 10am - 3pm Wednesday to Sunday)

Brunch Composit 11

Mushrooms on Toast. Pan seared Paris Brown Mushrooms with smoked Daikon Pancetta, Dill Sour Cream on homemade sweet Corn Polenta Loaf (wheat, soy, mustard)  


Tofu and Chickpea Scrammers with black Salt, Chipotle black Beans, sun-blushed Cherry Tomato on crusty Baguette (wheat, soy, mustard)  


Veginity French Toast on homemade sweet Brioche with Forest Berry Compote and heavy Lemon Mascarpone (wheat, soy)  


Queen for a Day. Paris brown Mushrooms in Dill Crème Cheese Sauce, Chickpea Tofu Scrammers, sun-blushed Cherry Tomato, sweet Corn Relish, fresh homemade Baguette (wheat, soy, mustard)


Breakfast Veginity Burger Soy and Kidney Bean Patty with fresh Mesclun Salad, Vine Tomato, Mustard Aioli on a homemade Brioche Bun with triple cooked Chips (wheat, soy, mustard)



OMB!! Oh My Buddha Bowl Smokey Tofu and roasted Peanut Satay, Ginger Broccoli, Noochi Black Kale, home-made spicy Kimchi, Turmeric Jasmin Raisin Rice and pickled Red Cabbage (WF, soy, nuts)   12.5

You don’t win friends with salad, Salad. Chef’s salad of the day (ask staff for details)



P a s t r i e s

Our pastries are expertly hand-made by our Veginity Head Chef, Mark Senn. 

Please see display to see what creations he has baked fresh today.

Snail Pastries


D i n n e r :  A - l a - c a r t e

Our a-la-carte dinner menu incorporates elements that are world-cuisine inspired and celebrate the natural flavours of plant-based ingredients. All elements are passionately made on site from scratch.  This way we can ensure their quality and freshness.  Our creations are something that you've probably never tried before or would attempt to make at home.

We have a rolling menu that works with the seasons so you will see changes happening all the time but you still get the chance to come back for the same meal again:)

This week we have new Trinidad and Tobago cuisine inspired dishes on the menu.

(Available 5pm -10pm Wednesday to Saturday  | 5pm - 9pm Sunday )


S t a r t e r s 

Doubles . Curried Chickpeas and Bara Bread, with sweet Tamarind sauce, Cucumber Relish and fresh Peppers, (wheat, soy, mustard) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO INSPIRED  

Wine pairing suggestion:  Familia Pacheco Monastrell Syrah SPAIN


Artichoke Niçoise Olive Tapenade, sun-blushed Cherry Tomato, black Salt Turmeric Potato, Baguette Crisp, Chive Aioli, fresh Dill and Parsley (wheat, soy, mustard) FRENCH INSPIRED  

Wine pairing suggestion: Picpoul De Pinet, FRANCE


Portobello Mushroom and Almond Pâté on house made Brioche, Dijon pickled Shimeji, Raspberry Vinegar and Confit Garlic Purée (wheat, soy, mustard, nuts) FRENCH INSPIRED

Wine pairing suggestion:  Vintrio Malbec IGP, FRANCE


 Starter Tasting Plate (sharing plate of all three starters above)  20



M a i n  C o u r s e s

Mains Composite

Bake and Shark. Green Seasoning Jackfruit Vish, hot Scotch Bonner Pepper Sauce Trini Pineapple and Mango Slaw, Sweet Pickled Cucumbers (soy, wheat, celery, mustard) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO INSPIRED

Wine pairing suggestion: The Stump Jump Sauvignon Blanc d’Arenberg AUSTRALIA


Tarte à L’oignon Rouge with whipped Chive Emmental Cheese, Aubergine Ratatouille, Leek Ash (wheat, soy) FRENCH INSPIRED 

Wine pairing suggestion: Picpoul De Pinet, FRANCE


Tobago Burger with Soybean Patty, Corriander Lime Slaw, charred Pineapple, Vine Tomato in a homemade Brioche Bun with triple cooked Chips (soy, wheat, mustard)  TRINIDAD & TOBAGO  INSPIRED  

Wine pairing suggestion: Château 1804  Grande Cuvée FRANCE


D e s s e r t s 

Desserts Composit

Ginger Pear Tarte Tatin with Vanilla Bean  Ice Cream (wheat, soy) FRENCH INSPIRED 

Wine pairing suggestion: Stump Jump Sauvignon Blanc, d'Arenberg AUSTRALIA


Rhubarb and white Chocolate Cardamom Mousse Mille Feuille (wheat, soy) FRENCH INSPIRED 

Wine pairing suggestion: Casa Roja Rosado, SPAIN


Baked Pumpkin and Cassava Pone, Rum and Raisin Sauce with Avocado Lime Ice Cream (soy, wheat) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO INSPIRED   

Drink pairing suggestion: Mimosa / Proves Bianco Frizzante ITALY


Dessert Tasting Plate (sharing all the desserts above)



E a r l y  B i r d  M e n u

Available for orders Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 5pm - 6:30pm. We request orders to be with the kitchen before 6:30pm.

Early Bird A - Starter + Main or Main + Dessert


Early Bird B - Starter + Main + Dessert


Early Bird C - Starter + Main + Dessert + One Glass of house Wine




N i t r o  G e n i u s  B a r

Our Nitro Coffee is Full Circle Coffee cold brewed and kegged with nitrogen on site, and our Veginity Kombucha is small batch brewed and kegged it right here in-store, minimising our impact on the environment by reducing bulk shipping and packaging.

Kombucha 10

Peruvian Nitro Coffee, with notes Nectarine, Guava, Chocolate, Bourbon


Double Espresso Nitro Coffee, with notes of Dark Roast Beans, Chocolate and Bourbon


Vegnity Kombucha on Tap, your selection of:  Raspberry-Cranberry, Apple & Anis, Black Mint, Pinneaple



B u b b l e s

Kombucha MimosaSimply choose a flavour from our Veginity Kombucha on Tap and we'll fuse it with Proves Bianco Frizzante to create your own bespoke Kombucha Mimosa!


Proves Bianco Frizzante, glass (Sparking wine)


Sparkling / Still Water


 For a full wine list, please ask to see a separate wine menu.


Tea / C o f f e e

We use Full Circle Coffee that is ethically sources from small batched producers.  All double shots and made with Oatly Milk.

Espresso, Americano


Latte, Cappuccino


Flat White Coffee


Tea, various flavours


Hot Chocolate




Chef, Mark Senn and his team

Mark Senn and Staff


The venue was smart with a relaxed atmosphere.

Review on Trip Advisor, August 2019

Best Vegan Restaurant in Dublin!! Lovely food, great value and very friendly service. Mark, the head chef is well known for his signature dishes and can’t wait to come back and try the pineapple bulgur with sriracha salsa.

Review on Google, July 2019

The dishes (yes I had to go back and have more) were great! Quality ingredients, no junk, all vegan! Staff was very helpful, friendly, and the place a positive atmosphere in general.

Review on Google, July 2019

All the food was exceptional, the Gingerbeer Kombucha was superb as well. Staff very friendly, good service.

Review on Google, July 2019

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